“Get us out of this hell” ask the trapped miners in Chile

The 33 miners trapped in a mine in Copiapo, Chile, were able to effectively contact with President Sebastián Piñera and requested to “use force so that we get out from this hell.”

Luis Urzua, head of the turn in which the mine collapsed Copiapo, said that the “twenty (minutes) for two in the afternoon, the hill came down. We were worried about the fellow who went out with a truck to a loaded, then came the earth. For four or five hours we could not see what we had, what position we were in. Then we saw that we were trapped by a huge rock in all of last tunnel.”

Urzua assured to the Chilean President “we’re expecting everything to Chile to use force we can draw from this hell.”

Meanwhile, Piñera announced that the 33 miners “likely will not be with us in the area for the bicentennial (of Chilean independence, 18 September), but it will be with us for Christmas and New Year”.

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