The group Clarin did not give their balances from 1976 and Magnetto fears “going to jail”

As reported by the Truth Commission, the Grupo Clarin “refused to deliver the balance sheets of Papel Prensa in the year 1976”, in which happened in the acquisition. Meanwhile, Hector Magnetto warned that he “might” be “imprisoned” by the conflict between the national government and the media group.

Spokesmen for the commission said to Telam “the National Securities Commission (CNV) had required these balances, but the group Clarin refused to hand them over although they are public.”

As part of this conflict, the CEO of Grupo Clarin said “I hope I do not (go jail), but it is a possibility as they (the kircherism) are capable of anything” and added “we know that many judges are functional to power in shift. If so, the Court lost the possibility of independence display with the Media Law. Tell me when the Court was played against (the Kirchner marriage)”.

Magnetto defended his position on the issue of Papel Prensa, arguing that the sale “was held on November 2, 1976, months before the Graiver brothers (owners of the company at that time) were arrested and their relationship to Montoneros was made public”.

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