Coki Ramirez talked about sex and hot fantasies with Marcelo Tinelli

The new star of “Dancing for a Dream”, Patricia “Coki” Ramirez said, “If I make love (to Marcelo Tinelli), he will not forget me.” She also gave confidence saying that “everyone says he was with all the girls of the program, not only with Lola Ponce, so I have chances.”

Coki came to “Dancing” with her friend “La Mole” Moli and became the figure of the program after her whispers in the ear of the driver of the show, Marcelo Tinelli.

“I love Marcelo and I came here for him. I think I can show that women are not only those in show business, there are other women who are natural” said the beauty from Cordoba said in the magazine Pronto.

Coki said her style “is the way to conquer Tinelli, being a romantic woman who says nice words in his ear”. She also stressed “I want to talk to him without cameras.”

“I do not know if he wants to be with me and knows me, but I will try. They also say he was with all the girls of the program, not only with Lola Ponce, so I have a chance, ha!” said the companion of “La Mole” Moli.

Finally, Coki closed talking about sex: “I want to make love to Marcelo. And if I do, he will not forget me. I’m not like other girls who say they want to go to the office and make popular movies. I do not want the fourth floor (where the office of Tinelli is) but rather mix feelings with physical love”.

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