A new presidential term for Cristina?

Some journalists consulted her about the candidacies for the elections of 2011 and she asked, “Why another Nestor (Kirchner)? Can not Cristina come again? “.

On the other hand, the president talk about theĀ opposition’sĀ initiative to give 82% mobile to retirees: “Any politician would like to implement 82% or 100% for retirees.”

“The main problem” in Argentina “is that the opposition does not have political and economic projects,” she added.

In addition, the President referred to allegations by Mauricio Macri in the case of illegal wiretapping, who reiterated on more than one occasion that “the shadow of Kirchner” was behind it.

The president shrugged off Macri’s complaints, and said she “prefers not to respond.” “I think it is ridiculous, I don’t waste time on such things, each one has his responsibilities and has to make front to them,” said Fernandez de Kirchner.

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