Buenos Aires city opposition calls for the Health Minister resignation because of overpays

Opposition lawmakers called for the resignation of the Health Minister of the City of Buenos Aires, Jorge Lemus, as this takes positions that are “incompatible with public office.” According to the County Mutual Bank, Lemus collects a total of 16 thousand dollars per month.

As says in a statement signed by John CabandiĆ©, Gabriela Alegre, and Maria Jose Tito Nenner Lubertino, legislators Meeting People for Victory, “Lemus is not only incompetent but also takes positions that are incompatible with public office.” “This makes us to renew the call for resignation of Minister Jorge Lemus” he adds.

The statement continues that “the way forward in the treatment of cases that judges Gallardo and relief sent to the legislature, calling for impeachment of the Minister of Health for malfeasance in office of public official.”

Adding an extra political tone, lawmakers say “Lemus and the crisis that plunged the public health system in the city are the best example of the logic macrista which considers health as a commodity and not as a right for all”.

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