Macri would emit public debt to the City by $ 600 million for “traffic smoother”

The head of government of the City of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, presented at the Buenos Aires Legislature a request to issue public debt at $ 600 million for the construction of underpasses in the San Martin line, Urquiza and Mitre.

According to the order, requested permission for the company 95% State Highway Urban SA (AUSA) to conduct “operations finance / debt by up to 600 million dollars with funds from public credit operations.”

This would have the objective to “increase cross-connectivity”. The construction of the steps on the street level was Arias, Ibera, Pacheco, Ceretti, Chivilcoy, kissing, Altolaguirre, Navarro, Varela, Deheza, Llavallol, Cuenca, Stoned, Marcos Sastre, Zamudio, Burela, Olazabal, Soler, Holmberg, Donado , Monroe, Manuela Pedraza, Crisologo Larralde and Warnes.

Macri defended this order saying “if we focus strictly on the road connectivity is a very significant improvement that produces the existence of the underpasses, both built for light vehicles such as allowing access to heavy traffic, since they constitute a alternative transit more convenient compared to the level crossing with gates close.

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