This is how the Argentineans representatives voted on the preliminary on gay marriage

Today at 15:30 the session of the General Law Committee ended and raised three dispatches to the Senate for the gay marriage issue. One, by the majority, rejects the draft. Another says it should remain as it is presented and one that poses a 3rd position, civil union without the possibility of adoption.

In the struggle for equal rights for all Argentines, regardless of their sexual preferences, there was a misstep. While these votes do not define the project itself, they do give a pattern that can be credible or not about what will be adopted next Wednesday July 14 on the subject.

Momento24 prepared a list for the Argentine community to know that their representatives voted:

Against gay marriage:

Liliana Negre de Alonso: PJ disidente

Sonia Escudero: PJ disidente

Sergio Bermejo: FPV

Adriana Bortolozzi: FPV

María José Bongiorno: ex FPV

Mario Cimadevilla: UCR

Ramón Mestre: UCR

José Cano: UCR

José María Roldán: UCR

For gay marriage:

Guillermo Jenefes: FPV

Nicolás Fernández: FPV

Liliana Fellner: FPV

Elena Corregido: FPV

Marcelo Fuentes: FPV

Pedro Guastavino: FPV

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