Anibal Fernandez called “political invention” to 82% mobile on retiree pensions

Anibal Fernandez called a “political invention” to opposition initiative to increase retiree pensions to 82% of the mobile minimum wage, and anticipated that the President would veto the project if approved.

“It’s absurd. The 82% mobile doesn’t exist in the world. Only in Luxembourg,” Fernandez said.

Speaking on radio, Fernandez said that “everything isa political invention. Look at the promoters: Gerardo Morales (Radical senator) and Patricia Bullrich (deputy for the Civic Coalition), who took the 13 percent to retirees in De la Rua government.”

Fernandez did not rule out that President Cristina Kirchner would veto the bill in case is approved.

“I prefer to be a ‘bad guy’ to be a liar and a nasty. I prefer to be red once and not green everyday day.”

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