FIFA president apologizes to England and Mexico

FIFA president Joseph Blatter hinted on the possible video introduction of arbitration in football and the inclusion of another two assistants for referees, topics to be discussed at a meeting in July.

Blatter said Monday he does not preclude the introduction of technological measures to help referees after the serious mistakes that occurred in World Cup while he apologized Mexico and England by the referee errors that hurt them.
“I expressed my apologies to the two delegations concerned. I understand they are not happy.”

“A first conversation will occur with members of International Football Association Boards (IFAB) at a meeting to be held between 21 and 22 July in Cardiff.”

The president of the institution said in Johannesburg that “Obviously, after these events it would not make any sense do not reopen the case of the technology use.”

But ruled out “any rule change ‘before the World Cup final, saying” We can not change anything for ten games. “

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