Kirchner: “Next Monday the Media Law will be fully functioning”

Néstor Kirchner participated in an act in Neuquén, where he celebrated the positive ruling of the Justice Act of Salta on the Audiovisual Communication Services Law. “We are very pleased with the ruling of Salta and on Monday the Media Law will be fully functioning” the former president said, adding that “to improve democracy it is necessary that all voices are heard.”

Only one measure currently in the Federal Civil and Commercial Chamber of the City of Buenos Aires prevents the inaction of the media law. This is the suspension of the article 161 which sets a deadline of one year for companies to enter into compliance with the new law. However, because it is just one item, the Media Law shall enter into force.

Joaquin Da Rocha, Treasury Solicitor, stated that the Law on Audiovisual Communication Services “can be applied not only today, but ten days ago when the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina knocked out result in suspension of this Act “

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