The government intends to veto the law, which limits the superpowers

The Government reacted immediately after the approval of the Lower House about the repeal of the superpowers, as the deputy Diana Conti said that Cristina Kirchner could veto the law if the Senate also approves it.

“With the super powers they believe that we are He-Man and they will want to remove the layer”, compared the deputy of the ruling party Front for Victory (FPV), while she warning that the elimination of superpowers runs the risk that “emergencies will never address.”

“It is an administrative measure absolutely necessary. What is not through Congress, the executive does through constitutional instrument then go to the Standing Committee of the legislative process where Congress intervenes. Then both houses are involved ” Conti said.

And she added: “The times parliamentarians are different from those of executive management. Do not have superpowers obstruct a good administration. In every country in the world the power administrator has the authority to make decisions per se which are then reviewed by Congress.

The deputy said she would support the initiative of Agustín Rossi, to ask to the Head of State to veto the opposition law.

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