Sadous says he did not received pressure from the Government

Former Venezuela Ambassador Eduardo Sadous exposes about trade relations with Argentina and the Caribbean country, before the Foreign Relations Committee of the Lower House.

The controversy revolves around an alleged payment of bribes in the commercial relationship between both countries.

Sadous said at the door of his house before being presented at Deputies: “I maintain my opinion. All I have to say it was said to justice. “

The former ambassador held a complaint with the federal judge Julian Ercolini on the alleged existence of bribes between 15 and 20 percent for trade with Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Sadous stated that there was not government pressure: “I spoke with [Foreign Minister, Hector] Timerman and he gave me full freedom of action.”

But he said there are restrictions that he must be seen in his statement before the Commission “established by the Constitution and the Foreign Service Act of the Nation.”

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