Is “Waka waka” stolen? Compare the two songs (see video)

Colombian singer Shakira faces a millionaire lawsuit by Dominican Wilfredo Vargas for the incredible resemblance between “Waka waka” and his famous composition “El negro no puede” (The black guy can’t do it) performed by “Las Chicas del Can” (Can’s girls).

The sum goes up to $11 million for Shakira, who along with the South African group Freshlyground, composed the official song of the 2010 World Cup and gained large profits on it.

Here you have the possibility to compare the two videos and draw your own conclusions.

Shakira hasn’t yet made any statements about it, just hearing the chorus of both themes you will notice something strange.

9 Responses to Is “Waka waka” stolen? Compare the two songs (see video)

  1. Actually THEY BOTH stole it from a Cameroonian group called Zangalewa . The REAL name of the song is Zamina by Zangalewa.

  2. It’s an interesting view for sure and I appreciate it so this is a little something for all…
    The more you complain, the longer God makes you live. :)

  3. seriously , shakira’s version is way much better .

  4. idk what everyones crying about..”boo hoo they stole my chorus” who cares.. the song is awesome and its for a World Wide event and also theres an article that the original writers of the song gave her permission to use it for the world cup song, also why doesnt everyone start suing everyone else for stealing old hit songs and rewriting them like these rappers are doing stealing verses from old rock songs..

  5. it could be copied, not sure.. something i am sure about tho is shakira is sexy as hell.

  6. Hahaha, alex don’t think about it, waka waka is not even from wilfrido, is from a march song, made popular by Golden Sounds, which gave authorization to shakira use it on the new song… Waka Waka (This time to africa)… source:

  7. I meant dominican*- where spanish is the national language

  8. heeellll yes!!!! thats highway robbery… if i was wifrido i would also be thinking lawsuit…. thats terrible shakira… (i still think your hot though) shame on you

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