Obese woman is not allowed to board a plane

Dominican Republic Air Force will move to a Haitian woman who is obese and for that condition several airlines refused to take her to the United States, where she lives since several years ago.

Dominique Lanois was more than 11 days in the Las Americas airport in the Dominican capital looking for an airline to take her to Miami, but all the companies refused to move her by her weight of more than 485 pounds (220 kilograms)

Lanois, Haitian and nationalized U.S. citizen told local media that “her seven children live in Miami and she does not have any relatives living in Haiti because they died in the earthquake of January 12.”

“I went to Haiti last November on a flight from a private airline and when I got off the plane I suffered a bruised leg.”

From that moment the woman was forced to use a wheelchair and she blames the airline to refuse to transfer her back to Miami. The airline said “she doesn’t fit through the door of the aircraft.”

Women also stated that traveled from Port au Prince to the airport Las Americas lying in bed nestled in the back of a truck.

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