The Public Safety Committee advised Macri not to ban the “trapitos.”

Today, the Monitoring Committee of Public Safety System of the City of Buenos Aires advised against the adoption of security measures as a ban on the activity of the “trapitos” (car keepers), the impediment of the bikes to circulate downtown with more than one passenger and the use of the Taser stun guns.

There still remains the subject of the ban to cover the face in whole or in part, that violates the freedom of worship in the City of Buenos Aires and protesters exercising their right to privacy.

The Committee informed their advice through a report submitted to the Legislature of Buenos Aires, the Security Minister, Guillermo Montenegro, and the head of the Metropolitan Police, Eugenio Burzaco.

It recommended that “’Trapitos’ activity should not be prohibited but we should tend to regulation”, i.e.: the creation of a record showing all car keepers and window cleaners.

At the same time it is reported that, by banning the bikes to carry passengers, “there has not been a decrease im crime” and added that “criminals are doing crimes or murders covering their identity by using counterfeit or adulterated vests.” The measure aims to prevent the actions of the “motochorros”(bike thieves)

On the use of Taser stun guns, the Committee said in the report that “it is not appropriate or necessary the use of the Taser X-26 in this first stage of the Metropolitan Police.” “The City of Buenos Aires bought five teams of Tasers for the Metropolitan Police. Nothing has been said about who will use it, what training they will have and what crimes it will act on,” he said. The opposition to the use of these guns is also due to the statement from the UN that declares the pistols “weapons of torture”.

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