Child born with a shell on his back was operated

His friends discriminated him calling him “turtle boy.” Her mother was said it was impossible to operate him when he was little and “growing up his back was bigger and hard, like a turtle shell.”

Hali Maimaiti, 8, lives in Heping, China. He was in an operating room for 2 hours to get the “shell” in his back removed.

His mother, Musai Maimaiti said “People bullied him and we were determined to end it. He is such a good and brave boy and he never complained. We are so glad that he is now on the mend.”

Hali confessed that “It was a bit painful, but I won’t worry about other kids laughing at me any more” and added “I am looking forward to going out in the sun without my shirt on and to going swimming with my friends.”

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  1. holy crap that’s awesome! GO HALI!! i rooting for u man!

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