Central America: 150 deaths by Tropical Storm Agatha

In Guatemala the number of deaths as a result of Tropical Storm Agatha in Central America rose to 150 today, and missing reached 93.

Guatemala President Alvaro Colom said that 22,747 Guatemalans are at risk and 90 800 were affected by rains, 155 185 were evacuated to 171 shelters enabled in different parts of the country.

He further added that “the data is incomplete, because they continue the rescue work in areas that were affected by the storm.”

The authorities are working on repairing the country’s road system was severely damaged by the dozens of landslides and overflowing rivers. This situation prevented the Civil Protection promptly attend to the most affected communities, many of whom do not have drinking water and food.

The department of Chimaltenango, in the West, was one of the most affected by the ravages of ‘Agatha’. Sixty deaths have been reported and over one hundred landslides left more than a dozen villages isolated.

The ethnic Indian kakchiquel, residents of the Santa Apollonia community cleaned today tons of mud falls on their homes, while they mourned the eleven members of one of their villages that were killed on Sunday by being buried by a boulder fell on their homes. “

Mayor Marco Tulio Núñez told the international and local media that “We bury our dead by our self because we have no government support. At this time (1:30 pm, 19:00 GMT) we have not received help from anyone. “

The Conrad sent aid to these villages, by air, with the support of private and military helicopters, located on the south coast, the highlands and central of the country, where, according to local media reports, the people with own work clean the disaster. “

In El Salvador, the rains caused by Agatha storm forced the evacuation of 11 621 people and caused widespread impact in the country, which has 95% of the roads affected, while Civil Protection raised the death toll to ten and maintains the two missing.

In Honduras, according to the latest report of the Permanent Contingency Commission (COPECO), released today, “the death toll from rains rose to 17, one person missing and four injured, 3227 were evacuated and 3168hosted; 3560 were directly affected by the rains, which also damaged 675 homes, while 63 were completely destroyed. “

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