Gay photos of Ricardo Fort, kissing another man

Pictures of Ricardo Fort kissing a man expose the millionaire, leaving a question mark in his participation in Marcelo Tinelli’s show.

The images were published by Concept Radio, and you can see Fort kissing another man with a green sea behind.

The intention of the website is that Ricardo Fort finished with his “pack of lies” inventing and paying girlfriends. According to them, Fort “does not respect the audience” by denying his sexuality and for that reason they decided to publish the photographs.

Fort, who from the beginning was surrounded by rumors about his homosexuality, has always rejected those versions and continues presenting new girlfriends.

Now, after these photographs and differences with “Showmatch” production, different versions say that the businessman would be thinking of leaving the show.

5 Responses to Gay photos of Ricardo Fort, kissing another man

  1. who is ric fort ?

  2. He also used to hang out with this drag queen drug dealer named Paloma DiLaurenti. I mean any man that pumps his lips that big has got major issues. He frequents 12th Street beach on South Beach, known for it’s gay crowd.
    Girlfriends???? Not when i knew him. It was ALL men!

  3. This man is a big gay. He’s been for years!!!! He was constantly hooking up with guys in Miami at Warsaw, Score and Ironworks gym. I know people who have slept with him. Not only is he gay, but he has a very nasty attitude also. Ask anyone who knew him from the gym.

  4. Hmmm, where and when were the photos taken? In Miami I know a woman from Agrentina who has photos with him and says she is his friend. I asked her if she has been romantic with him and she said yes. It would be news in MIami for sure.

  5. Very interesting. I found your blog on bing and will bookmark it now. Keep up the nice work.

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