Accused for the “Theft of the Century” composed a new song

The theme is entitled “The Judgement” and the music has not been composed yet but the lyrics were composed by Vitette in the prison of Marcos Paz.

“I feel sorry for some judges that are easily influenced (…) when the victim is a multinational,” “almost all laughed yesterday when we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ (…) and no one was hurt” and ” Today was doubly qualified with real guns and extreme violence (…), it seems an inconsistency, “are some of the phrases of the song.
In the chorus, Vitette insists that the robbery was committed with toy guns.

The issue was clearly addressed to the members of the Oral Criminal Court of San Isidro 1, composed of judges Maria Elena Marquez, Gonzalo Alberto Ortolani and Aquinas, who last May 21 sentenced four of the robbers.

Rubén Alberto De la Torre (55) was sentenced to 15 years in prison, Fernando Araujo (41), 14; Julian Zalloecheverría (51), 10, and Sebastian Garcia Bolster (40), 9.
“The Judgement” is the fourth song Vitette wrote about “The Theft of the Century” from prison because the first was “only cry for love” (music by his dentist), the second, “Man in gray suit , which is not the man of Sabina “, and the third,” Soon I’ll be partying. “

“It’s my way to protest and cry out my innocence. I’m not the Gray Suit Man` `who led the robbery and prosecutors accuse me falsely. On January 13, 2006 I was in my country, Uruguay, said yesterday to Telam in a telephone call from prison.

This is the same court in 2007 sentenced Carlos Carrascosa cover up for the crime of his wife Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce.

The preliminary hearing of this second trial for the assault on the Banco Río will be on 30 June at the TOC, composed of judges Luis Maria Rizzi, Maria Angelica and Federico Etcheverry.

“El Uruguayo” could not be tried in the first debate held between 15 February and 21 May by the TOC one of San Isidro for an appeal in the Court of Appeals that recently was resolved last month when the Board III of the High Court ordered his immediate detention and trial in the case.

The robbers looted 143 safes boxes and fled with a stash of $ 19 million in cash and jewelry through a tunnel that communicates with underground storm drains, where rubber boats sailed and came to a culvert where a van awaited.

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