Jorge Busti: “The Kirchnerism is a tragic distortion of Peronism”

In exclusive for Momento24, Deputy and former Entre Rios Governor, Jorge Busti, gave his thoughts on political scenario in view of the forthcoming elections and critiziced kirchnerism calling it “a tragic distortion of Peronism”.

According to Dr. Busti, Argentina is going through a “very troubled” moment. “Not only in economic terms, but we are experiencing changes in the rules of the game” by the government, in opposition to historical ideas of Peronism:

“Our struggle has always been for the ideas. Take an idea and contrast it to another. Kirchner imposed the theory of war, whoever doesn’t think like him or has a different nuance, he must annihilate him, defame, and destroy it with intelligence activities, counterintelligence, and insurgencies. That is what is being done now with court cases, with disqualifications and aggresions.”

The former Governor said that “the country will emerge from the crisis only with a policy of national unity and state policies with other parties. This is the message of Dr Duhalde.”

It was Duhalde with whom he lived shameful attack in Cordoba, when a group of Kirchnerism protesters insulted and assaulted them.

“They were probably 12 people of the intelligence services of the national government. They went where Dr. Duhalde was, and started shouting and insulting him. This is the climate I see that we must stop if we want to move forward, “he said.

Eduardo Duhalde was accompanied by Busti in two acts of Peronism in Cordoba, and a meeting with 400 businessmen in the province’s Sheraton hotel, where the former president brought a message of “calm, experience and patriotism.” These are, in his words, the main attributes that Duhalde has to return to the presidency:

“Duhalde took the country in the most difficult moment in Argentina’s history and yet he pacified within the framework of the institutions.”

Busti says that it was Duhalde and not Kirchner, who always brags about it, who put the country on the rails again after 2001 crisis.

“It’s a lie that kirchnerismo has brought the country back after the crisis. I was a national senator at the time that Duahlde was president and the economy in the last quarter of 2002 was functioning again. Kirchner and took a country that was working, “said”

“Kirchner had tailwinds until 2007, but then he just started to win enemies to confront and missed opportunities, with consequences such as low investment and credibility in Argentina.”

He then confessed that his mind didn’t pass over the opportunity for a fourth government in Entre Rios, due to other commitments he took, but because of “the circumstances of the country and the need to revitalize the Peronism that has been usurped by kirchnerismo, I have to come back to the fight.” “The Kirchnerismo is a tragic distortion of Peronism,” provincial deputy shot.

Finally, Busti launched his reflection regarding provincial tax sharing check: “The fact that governors are requested to sign an agree cutting the resources to their provinces, has never happened” he said, adding that the check tax is “an extortive tax that would have to be removed, but until it is removed, it is logical the 100% partner in all the provinces.”

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