Kirchner in Avellaneda: “It´s time to govern, not to talk about elections”

Former President Nestor Kirchner gave a speech at an official ceremony at Racing Club stadium where he criticized again Grupo Clarínand the opposition, and expressed solidarity with the actress Florencia Peña, which he considered “censored by the monopoly.”

“Here is an actress who is being censored to adhere to freedom of expression, and change in Argentina, please applauses for Florencia Peña.”

The new UNASUR General Secretary said: “When we talk about press freedom in Argentina everybody knows that the lack of expression freedom comes because there is a monopolic corporation. And it’s important that people know that the gentleman who is responsible for the lies that are told daily, the king of lies is called Hector Magnetto”.

He also criticized the opposition, which already announced some of their candidates for next year, saying that “we must devote to govern and solve problems, not for elections.”

In turn, the former president endorsed the use of reserves, the debt swap and called for the prompt implementation of the Media Law, held back by a failure of Mendoza chamber.

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