Newells trashed Gimnasia 6-0

The team led by Roberto Sensini that is already qualified for the Copa Sudamericana, took the defensive weakness of Gimnasia de La Plata team that has to play the promotion.

Newells dominated from start to finish without further complications. Won against a rival that was defeated without the need of playing.

Gimnasia had chances to discount but as a team was poor and is now in a difficult situation in relation to what they must face: the promotion.

The red team was cheered and accumulates 197 minutes without being beaten.

Goals: 13m. PT Boghossian (NOB); 14m. PT Formica (NOB); 34m. PT Bernardi (NOB) 11m. ST Insaurralde (NOB); 13m ST Formica (NOB); 17m ST Schiavi (NOB).

Changes: Lucas Castro (6) for S. Romero (G); 19m. Facundo Imboden (5) for Stracqualursi (G); 20m. Cristian Núñez for Achucarro (NOB); 24m. Alvaro Navarro for M. Pérez (G); 24m. Franco Dolci for Formica (NOB); 27m. Hugo Barrientos for Bernardi (NOB).

Expelled: 44m Ormeño (G) 16m Maldonado (G)

Stadium: Newells

Referee: Mauro Giannini

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