Miguel Bosé would have been Ricky Martin’s lover

A former employee of the Puerto Rican singer gave details about the boyfriends of Rick Martin, among which is counted Miguel Bosé.

Consuelo Castaneda, 61, worked in an apartment owned by the artist.

She said there was nothing to hide, since Ricky “left the cabinet”, with the confession about his sexuality in March.

According to Castañeda, between lovers was the Spanish singer Miguel Bosé.

“They had appointments in late 1989 and 1990 but Ricky was tired, because he saw him very little,” the woman said.

Even so, she added that they were few times in which she saw Bosé in Ricky’s house because “he believed that building was a small thing”.

Apparently, the Puerto Rican also invited many attractive young men to his department, among there was an Argentine boy.

“They were very handsome boys. There was an Argentine named Donovan and others, although some were only for one night,” Consuelo said.

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