Ibrahimovic and Pique in an unexpected picture

The two stars of Barcelona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerard Pique were photographed in a scene that borders on romantic, like two lovers whispering words of love.

The image travels around the world and in fact it has being created groups on Facebook called: “I too sat crossed, to see the photo of Ibra and Pique …” or “I also believe that Ibra and Piqué are hiding something …”

The administrator of the Facebook first group wrote: “This is a group made FB purest affection from FC Barcelona. Most of their managers are “culés” from birth. All managers take the love between two men as one of the most natural (and why not, adorable) world situation. As the love between two women, or the love between a man and a woman. “

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  1. the issue is such a terrible but its good for them when need to be such.

  2. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys its just a good photoshop

  3. ik o pederasti mutit

  4. I’m about to cry. I’ve always had dreams of me and Pique getting married, although he’s 6 years older than I am, but 6 years aren’t that much, right? Man, just looking at him makes me swoon.

  5. pique I cant leave you !!what shall i do when i will move to millan !!! pique answers don t worry baby you will have another boyfriend there

  6. Kids, we’re really getting away from the whole point here. Who gives a damn whether or not they’re gay?

    The point is, they’re HOT. And so is this picture. Enough said.

  7. people this is a picture that had meaning allocated to it-that is being gay-by the media. you have a thing called sensationalism and this is what this picture is a piece of marvelous media sensationalized shit. they are not gay but if they indeed gay there should absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    the norms, mores, values and laws created by humanity should not goevrn nature if man or woman wishes to love the same sex who are to impede that process. accept people for who they are because you not god but you think so well blasphemy!!!!!!!

  8. gerard pique is not gay!!!!! hes too gorgeous!!!!!

  9. If they ARE an item, s**** you haters and your repressed homosexuality coming on here looking for ‘gay’ topics all day (especially you, Flint you nonse) well I would pay top $$$$$ to watch these two b***** a bed and split a headboard in half. They’re both big men I bet they’d make a lot of noise. I bet they’d scream the place down. Yummy.


    Erm… ‘Scuse me. Be back in forty.

  10. “Why can’t I quit you?”

  11. All concepts are relative, is stupid to try to conceptualize to GOD like a human being, with name, likes and preferences. GOD has created the universe, his mind is absolutely out of our understanding, is stupid to think that the creator of every particle of this inmense universe could get wrong on some things, even the concepts of good and evil are relative too, he has created what you understand like good or evil, love or hate, etc, they are the extremes of the same thing. The nature can’t be wrong, homosexuality is part of the nature too, is not an illness, what is an illness is the inability to accept nature as it is, specially things that results incomprehensible to your mind, and the worst is to think that god thinks like you and has your same likes and concepts; that would be a truly illness.

  12. I think that thispicture is so sweet. It looks like Pique is comforting Ibrahimovic. Maybe he was upset about something. There is nothing gay about being nice and aorable. Awww.

  13. but im sure i will not play very well with a horny defender guarding me lol

  14. they`re cufking

  15. -continue, no I am not spam, just wanting to give my opinions.-

    I believe homosexuality is NOT against nature. Who exactly decides what is and what isn’t natural? Who can decide what is natural for someone else? Everyone thinks they have the right answers to these questions, but no one will tell you which answer is right or wrong.. All you have is your own opinion, there isn’t any fact out there that says homosexuality is against nature.
    Homosexuality is not a sin. Isn’t “God” meant love everyone? Or did we just make up that “God” doesn’t love something as yucky as a gay man or woman? We decide for ourselves who we love and what we do and do not accept in life, I don’t need a “God” to decide what is wrong or right in life. I’m free, are you free if you live your life by a Bible, by the rules of someone that may or may not have been alive a 100000 years ago?

    Back to the picture:
    I think this is just a blink of the eye moment that has been captured by some paparazzi who wants to strike up a “scandal”. This picture can mean absolutely anything. We can’t judge, because we weren’t there and we don’t know them :)

    • Well commented, Malice! well dine

    • Listen, you clearly do not know the bible. God loves me even tho I sin constantly. God loves the sinner, not the sin. If you want to argue that you believe homosexuality is ok, then fine, just don’t use the bible.

      As far as it not being against nature…are you serious? Its like the vegetarian that tells me we arent meant to eat meat but our teeth tell us otherwise. I wont go there but there is nothing natural about two males having sex. Sex is a way to procreate. There is no procreation chances with two of the same sex.

      We arent to judge anyone. I dont agree with the lifestyle but people will do as they please. I wouldnt even say anything on here if it wasnt for the absolute ignorance of this post. I dont have any knowledge of certain things and will not make arguments based on that ignorance. This poster should not make claims about God when they obviously dont know anything about Him or the Bible.

    • Malice you have alot of God bashing going on in your comments like you dont even say anything other than put down God lol like wow

    • Awesome comment. Everyone should be so open-minded. As for the picture. I think it is beautiful whether they are together or not. Even friends should be so open with one another.

  16. A lot of guys in the football industry are gay. But nobody dares to come out of the closet. I also understand why, the media will probably destroy them.
    Not to mention there are still many homophobes (and extreme god worshippers, who think homosexuality is a sin) out there that will rather see any homosexual dead, so it is also dangerous for such celebrities to come out of the closet. It’s too bad, because it shouldn’t matter what someone’s sexuality is. I hope I’ll see the day when homosexuality in the football business is accepted!
    A players skills will not become less good if they are gay.

    Everyone is their own person and everyone should do what they want. I also believe private life and work (in this case professional football) should be two different things. If Ibrahimovic and Pique or any other football player are in fact gay, so what?

    -continues in next comment I got more to say! -

  17. Homosexuality is a deviation. It’s completely unnatural. Nature never intended a man to deposit his seminal fluid into another man’s anus. Nature never intended seminal fluid to become feces (shit). Homosexuality is against nature. In fact I firmly believe homosexuality as a serious “personality” disease (disorder).

    I personally don’t think these guys are homos. But if they are, I couldn’t be bothered. Just because I don’t accept homosexuality, I wouldn’t expect others to do so. That’s their choice and they’ve to face the consequences or repercussions.

    • There’re seems to be seminal fluid in you brain – or why is it you’re talking confused oddities? Believe me, seminal fluid isn’t intended to get lost in a condom or fresh air. But that happens a lot with safer sex and masturbating going on. Yeah, even animals please themselves. So I would say it is pretty natural to let the semen spray everywhere…

  18. ibra and pique are not gay. i think there is something bordering ibra and pique is just consoling him as a caring team mate. so fuckers and haters who want’s to read a greater meaning to everything such get out and get a fucking life.

  19. Maddock his gay

    Good point Boba, but i hate to break it to you, like mommy broke santa to you before,there is no GOD.

  20. I always believe people have the right to live their lives the way they wish to so far as it does not affect others negatively in any way.Homosexuallity is not the only sin in the eyes of God and so we whould not judge others from a religious point of view because we ourselves are not free from sin.

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