Ibrahimovic and Pique in an unexpected picture

The two stars of Barcelona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerard Pique were photographed in a scene that borders on romantic, like two lovers whispering words of love.

The image travels around the world and in fact it has being created groups on Facebook called: “I too sat crossed, to see the photo of Ibra and Pique …” or “I also believe that Ibra and Piqué are hiding something …”

The administrator of the Facebook first group wrote: “This is a group made FB purest affection from FC Barcelona. Most of their managers are “culés” from birth. All managers take the love between two men as one of the most natural (and why not, adorable) world situation. As the love between two women, or the love between a man and a woman. “

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    • what does it mean !!!!!!!! are they in love !!!who is fucking the other !!!!!!! so bad I think that who thought they are in love is really thinking about this, It can be evrything before a “flirt” ………
  1. omg… as if it would be so bad if they were actually gay… Nobody would make a fuss about them if they’d be working in the entertainment industry or if they were politicans… But due to the fact that they are footballers, that they have to be manly, they can not act upon their real feelings… I don’t believe these two are gay, this picture was taken to cause an uproar, but if they were, what would be so bad about it? What can be be wrong if two human beings happen to love each other?
    It’s sad that our society still isn’t ready to accept something as natural as that.

    • yea but two men liking each other??/ thats abominable in the eyes of God. God made man and woman toghether and not man and man!!!

    • What are you talking about? Do you have any idea how many closeted gay actors there are? If they came out of the closet they would never get a role again. How many openly gay actors can you name besides Nathan Lane and the guy from Will & Grace? They would lose their sex appeal to women, and most men would have no interest in watching them act. Its also nearly impossible to get elected to public office if you are openly gay. Football isn’t a particularly manly sport either.

  2. Pique could just be encouraging a frustrated Ibrahimovic upon the arrival of David Villa

  3. barçalı ibneler, messi de dahil

  4. yo te banco a muerte te te caiste …..te fuiste a la m***……no podes comerte los hombres….pero te banco a muerte ,,,te caiste un poco en el respeto …..pero igual te banco….no importa si sos gay yo te sigo a muerte …..que messi …aguante ibrahimuvic.

  5. This picture says nothing except that these guys are close.

  6. Your correct bro, sodom and gomorah got destroyed for this same shit but human beings never learn. If a dick was meant to go up an ass im sure women wount have there lady bits and just bcus we all have rights dont mean we have to condone evil and burn in hell for the sake of making homos feel loved. At the end of the the day the truth is homos and those who support them will all burn in hell whether they believe in the bible or not, THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH whether u like it or not, same way the bible prophecies will all come to pass whether u believe in it or not

    EDIT PEDRO: Para mi no tiene que ir esto, es un comentario sumamente intolerante que, además de tener insultos, dice que el mundo se va a destruir como gomorra y sodomia porque hay homosexuales. Similar al chabón que estaba furioso porque mataron a un flaco para robarle el auto. Pero lo dejo a criterio suyo, capaz lo mío es muy tendencioso.

    • Seriously that’s just crazy I’m sure you believe in the whole adam and eve crap too get over yourself stop hating.

  7. I’m not homophobic, I like my house

  8. its a common practice in Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia for men to hug, kiss, and hold hands….they are not as homophobic as we Americans

  9. has anyone actually taken a step back and thought that these too players are european and on mainland europe its common practise for men to kiss, hold hands and hug each other!! ive got nothing against people bein homosexual and i have no idea wot the fuss is about! nobody did or said anything about whichever of the Kray twins is was who actually was homosexual. Both these players having girlfriends means nothing, it could just be a cover up, but who really cares???? these two players are exceptional footballers and thats the only thing which which they shud be reported about!! leave them alone to get on with their private lives!!

  10. Peter
    May 10, 2010 – 12:04 pm
    You are totally sick in your fucking head!!!

    Well fuck you kindly too. And don’t you go be thinking I mean your ass :D

    May 10, 2010 – 12:20 pm
    Homophobia is wrong. There is a big enough problem with too many children in this world without trying to guilt people. The time where unintelligent people can quote a religious text justify unjust talk and actions is over and your ignorance reviles me.

    So that’s what faggots are doing? Saving the world from too many children? lol that’s the funniest thing I ever heard. Well here use my ass…to save the world from too many children roflol. And please speak to barcabuckeye who first quoted a scripture to guilt people into thinking there’s something wrong with speaking against faggots. Clearly he doesn’t know his bible too well.

    May 11, 2010 – 10:20 pm
    To be honest I am not religious, I actually hate religion because of your hypocritical it is. I know that the Bible teaches to love your neighbor and why dont you try reading Matthew 5 as well. Like declan said people, clearly you not included, have moved beyond justifying violence with religion. Lastly, the Bible never mentions, in your uneducated terms, “faggots.”

    Oh please, spare me your bullshit. You hate religion purely because it tells you that what you’re doing is wrong. I find it funny that you’re telling me you hate religion, yet in the same breath tell me to go read the bible :D

    Yeah sure the bible teaches you to love your neighbour, but I also know it teaches you to stay away from those who WILLFULLY practice wrong…it even counsels not to even sit or eat among such people. No amount of loving your neighbour is going to erase the fact that being a faggot is wrong and worthy of death.

    “clearly you not included, have moved beyond justifying violence with religion.”

    Are you serious? lol Please clarify where I used violence to justify religion??? You are the one who brought religion into this thread; you found it convenient to twist a scripture to suit your purposes and now that I’ve thrown your religion back in your face you’re turning it around.

    “Lastly, the Bible never mentions, in your uneducated terms, “faggots.”” Call it whatever you will…Homosexual, moffy, gay, faggot (I personally prefer this term) The bible clearly states that men who lie with men or women who lie with women are wrong and are worthy of death. Why don’t YOU go and read the scriptures I pointed. Read the WHOLE bible not the one that suits you.

    • “Read the WHOLE bible not the one that suits you.”

      That would be the same Bible that sanctions selling one’s daughter into slavery right (Exodus 21:7)? Later in 35.2 yon Bible clearly states that anyone who works on the Sabbath must be put to death. Also to be put to death are people who wear garments made from two different fabrics, so all footballers with their cotton/polyester mix MUST, according to the Bible, be killed.

      Then there is the wisdom of taking as literal truth each and every word of a book of which half is fairy stories, though perhaps with similar merit to fables, and half is a piece of propaganda written about a bloke by his mates after he died, and where it is claimed he genuinely walked on water, and cured people by his touch, against, you know, that pesky science business again. The same science that has observed homosexual behaviour in thousands of species of animals. Should we execute all those bummer grasshoppers too? They do make an awful sound when taking it up the jacksie. Then there is the scientific theory that homosexuality exists to care for offspring abandoned by their own parents.

      Sounds convincing at first, I know, but you are probably right with the whole bearded angry man on cloud shouting at the queers! And, if being gay is a choice, as opposed to just how people are, why the fook would anyone choose it with self satisfied hypocritical cockjobs like you around?

  11. THIS VIDEO GAVE ME AN OTHER IDEA WHETHER IF IBRA IS GAY OR NOT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrebiAuO8o0

  12. d pic is fake……………………dis web page 2 is a man utd webbpage………man utd arseholes…………long live chelsea….d greatest team on earth

  13. hallo all those player have a private life ,,,and they can do whatever they want,,,,,, it doesnt matter the fact to be gay … barza fans 4-ever……i,m straight guy….

  14. if Cristiano Ronaldo can walk around with 2 canes and really short shorts and a pink shirt, why can’t these 2 be romantically linked. have you seen piques girlfriend? oh mama!!

  15. omg….why ibra he’s so cute…

  16. What’s wrong with the picture? ~It’s about time footballers can come out about their sexuality if they want to without all this fuss.
    doesn’t affect the fact that they are two world class footballers.

  17. I’ think they’ re soooo cute! Wrong it who thinks of bad one…
    Look this turkish site http://manuelruicosta.blogspot.com/

  18. this is loss…oh jeez

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