Ibrahimovic and Pique in an unexpected picture

The two stars of Barcelona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerard Pique were photographed in a scene that borders on romantic, like two lovers whispering words of love.

The image travels around the world and in fact it has being created groups on Facebook called: “I too sat crossed, to see the photo of Ibra and Pique …” or “I also believe that Ibra and Piqué are hiding something …”

The administrator of the Facebook first group wrote: “This is a group made FB purest affection from FC Barcelona. Most of their managers are “culés” from birth. All managers take the love between two men as one of the most natural (and why not, adorable) world situation. As the love between two women, or the love between a man and a woman. “

256 Responses to Ibrahimovic and Pique in an unexpected picture

  1. It could’ve been bromance if they’re not in love. Bromance has been portrayed in the media since the 1970′s, and is becoming more common, or in fact very common, now.

  2. barca z ful o gaymen,guardiola nd messi,puyol nd vilanova,pinto nd keita,pedro nd busquets.dats y refs love em.ey play xoxo soccr.hala madrid

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