Lower House approves gay marriage

After a marathon session, the Lower House gave initial approval to bill that empowers people of same sex marriage, with 125 votes in favor, 109 against and six abstentions.

Among the abstentions was Elisa Carrio, who advanced in her paper how she would vote because she does not want to be “against Church or against society.” “Nobody wants to live his o her lives hiding what he or she is,” she said.

For her part, president of the gay and lesbian local federation Maria Rachid insure: “Despite the pressures, we are convinced that also we will advance in the Senate. Many of the deputies who had alternative projects are those who refused days before the civil union. “

“We are very happy because the bill was approved for the first time in a Latin American parliament. Now, let’s work in the Senate. We already have a commitment to [Miguel Angel] Pichetto and [María Eugenia] Estenssoro,” said Rachid very happy with the result.

The debate

Vilma Ibarra, one of the main proponents of the project that came under criticism last week when the meeting collapsed, opening the discussion saying that the project, which replaces the definition of man and wife by “spouses” as actors marriage, “it does not offends rights of others.”

“Here we will not address the Catholic marriage, nor of the Jewish religion, nor the Muslims. We are trying civil laws in a secular state,” said the deputy.

“Civil marriage is quite different from the religious,” the lawmaker stressed, saying that while Catholic is “inseparable”, the civilian “can be dissolved by divorce.”

The deputy also spoke about the adoption of same-sex couples, one of the main criticisms from the groups opposed to the project, and she noted that today “homosexuals already have that right.”

“The current law does not prevent gays and lesbians to adopt in the same conditions and with the same requirements as heterosexual couples. Today they already do it. We’re not inventing anything,” Ibarra said.

Chief PRO block, Federico Pinedo, said: “the point is not about marriage versus civil union institutions, but it is useful that there are two institutions by adding one to the other and not subtracting anything” and on the adoption he “ignore the effects “in the development of children when they are adopted by homosexuals.

Federal Peronist chairman team Felipe Solá, supported the project and asked: “How can we think about ourselves as judges of what happens behind closed doors?”, and he said that “love is not owned by heterosexuals, love is what rescues a child. No one is going to say that if a homosexual couple has love to give, a child will not have conditions to breed. “

The head of Proyecto Sur, Fernando “Pino” Solanas, found that “marriage is a universal right. There is no code, not a dogma or a religion that can corseted feelings” and stressed the “state’s obligation to protect family.”

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