Silvia Luna killed Carola Bruzzoni over this video

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Silvia Luna

The controversial video that led Silvia Luna to brutally attack her friend Carola Bruzzoni, smashing her head with a kitchen hammer, was published online.

The fight between the two ‘friends’ broke on Saturday 17th in Matute Bar, in General Las Heras, over a video showing Luna having sex with a man that was not her fiance. The assailant admitted to attacking Bruzzoni because of fear that she would ruin her wedding with Juan Burgueño by showing him the video shot in September last year, which already massively circulated in Las Heras.

Researchers suspect that there would be more photos or videos of Luna in the chip and memory of Bruzzoni’s mobile phone, which have dissapeared a day before the horrid attack. The hammer used in the attack was never seized as it is also missing and was never found.

remera silvia lunaThe case of the ‘friends’ from Las Heras caused such a commotion, that opportunists took the chance to start selling ‘Silvia Luna’s t-shirt‘ online.

After nine days of agony, Carola Bruzzoni, 40, died yesterday at 18 hs in General Rodríguez Hospital from a cardiopulmonary arrest.

“She leaves a young son behind, a husband who accompanied her her whole life, and that’s very hard to bear,” Bruzzoni family’s lawyer Cristian Perez Soler said, who was at the hospital when Carola passed away. He said that her relatives “are devastated” even though the final end was imminent. “This was going to happen any minute. But, unfortunately, we are never  prepared to lose a family member. “

Meanwhile, Sergio Robledo, the widower, said that “nothing” will  “ease the pain” over what happened. “Pain won’t change anything. The absence of Carola at home won’t be changed by anything… But the fact that justice is met is important,” he said.

The prosecutor investigating the crime, Guillermo Massaroni, said the cause is under “manslaughter”, with penalties of up to 25 years in prison, and he ruled out a state of “violent emotion” by the aggressor.

carola bruzzoni y silvia luna“I still maintain the charge of ‘manslaughter’. I believe I have evidence to support the charges,” the prosecutor said when he arrived to the court in Mercedes.

Meanwhile, an autopsy conducted this morning on Bruzzoni’s body revealed that there were no defensive injuries or evidence of a fight. For that reason, doctors think she was attacked by surprise, according to the forensic doctor, Raul Benavente Ferrer.

According to the results, Carola would have been with her back before the aggressor. “Apparently she shouted and the victim turned around, when she received a blow with the hammer, that caused her death nine days later.”

In addition, the expert said it was a very hard blow was on the left fronto-parietal part of the head.

For his part, the lawyer Bruzzoni’s family, said today that Luna acted out of a “murderous impulse” and considered that the video would not be considered a what triggered the crime.

The invitation card to Silvia Luna and Juan's wedding, before the outburst.

Luna and Bruzzoni were friends and coworkers at the restaurant in General Las Heras. However, according to their colleagues, they not always got along well. Their relation ended in the worst way when Silvia attacked Carola with a kitchen knife, after which Bruzzoni was hospitalized in an irreversible state.

Wound, Carola went home and told her husband what happened. Five hours later she was taken to a hospital where a scan confirmed the seriousness of blow.

Luna has two children from a previous marriage, and was about to marry her new fiance, with whom she lived for five years before the fatal incident. She is currently detained at the police station of Merlo for Women and will be transferred in the next few hours to the courts of Mercedes, where she will be formally notified of ther friend’s death and the worsening of her legal situation.

Her fiance, Juan Burgueño, testified today and apologized to Bruzzoni’s family when he left the court in Mercedes. He did not answer about his current relationship with Silvia Luna.

This material contains explicit sex scenes, the display of it is for people over 18 years:

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