Hot Championship, Independiente won 3 to 1 against Banfield.


The two-game losing string questioned the team’s role in the Clausura tournament. Independiente returned. They returned to celebrate. It was on a Saturday night in the South, with Banfield. Yes, Independiente won, with a rare goal made by Leandro Gracian.

When the game seemed to be entering to another phase, Gracian gave the winning goal for Independiente, which was as a pointer interim while awaiting the results of Godoy Cruz Argentinos Juniors.Gracian shot from the middle of the field and scored the 2 to 1. Finally, Leonel Nunez sealed the 3 to 1 final.

Goals: – PT 21′ Néstor A. Silvera (Ind), 34′ Rubén Ramírez (Ba), 36′ Leandro Gracián (Ind), ST 48′ Leonel Nuñez (Ind)

Changes: 15′PT Gabriel G. Vallés for Luciano G. Vella, 15′ST Hernán Fredes for Leandro Gracián, 20′ST Maximiliano Laso for Marcelo N. Quinteros, 25′ST Darío A. Gandín for Néstor A. Silvera, 30′ST Matías Cardaccio for Marcelo H. Bustamante, 36′ST Luis Salmerón for James Rodríguez

Booked: 24′PT Néstor A. Silvera (Ind) , 28′PT Marcelo N. Quinteros (Ba) , 36′PT Leandro Gracián (Ind) , 14′ST Marcelo H. Bustamante (Ba) , 15′ST Lionel J. Núñez (Ind) , 17′ST Lucas Mareque (Ind) , 30′ST Jonathan R. Maidana (Ba) , 37′ST Luis Salmerón (Ba)

Expelled: 43′ST Americo R. Gallego (Ind)

Stadium: Banfield
Referee: Carlos Maglio

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