Luis Miguel rushed into emerency room


Latin star Luis Miguel was admitted to emergency room at a hospital in Los Angeles. So far, it’s unknown whether the interpreter remains in the clinic or the causes of his income.

Univision’s show “El Gordo y La Flaca” announced the news. The popular Mexican singer stayed for several days at Cedars Hospital of Los Angeles.

“The artist spent several days in hospital and his brother (Alejandro Basteri) has been with him,” said Raul de Molina, host of the show.

Due to the law of confidentiality, could not yet be clarified if the singer is still in the hospital. Not even the reasons for his hospitalization.

“I know from reliable sources who saw him in the hospital and it was not only a routine checkup, he was admitted,” said De Molina.

Luis Miguel will turn 40 on April 18th. With a highly successful 29 years career has sold over 60 million records. His last visit to Argentina was a real success, filling 5 Velez stadiums.

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