Huracán won 3-1 against Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata


Huracán beated Gimnasia de La Plata 3-1, with victories of four over the last five they’ve played.

With this defeat Gimnasia read in the last posts of averages

Huracán adds with this victory 22 points, five behind the leader Independiente in the standings of Clausura tournament.

Huracán played without loosening the pressure on the visitors, who put all their effort, but was not enough because the local team remained confident and took over the game.

Goals: Second time-1 ‘Andrew Franzoi (Hur.), 7′ Diego Rodriguez (Hur.), 8 ‘Ariel Agüero (Gimn.E), 45′ Gustavo A. Balvorín (Hur.)

Changes: 17′ST Diego Villar for Sebastián Romero, 23′ST Gustavo Balvorín for Gino Clara, 26′ST Juan Cuevas for Alvaro Ormeño, 35′ST José Vizcarra for Fabián Rinaudo, 36′ST Leandro Benegas for Andrés Franzoia, 46′ST Luciano Nieto for Patricio Toranzo

Booked: 41′PT Fabián Rinaudo (Gimn.E)

Stadium: Huracán
Referee: Pablo Lunati

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