Authorities in Rio de Janeiro took actions after the tragedy

tragedia en rio

The authorities of Rio de Janeiro reported that “today were taken the first actions to prevent another tragedy due to the heavy rains and that could have left 350 people dead, according to calculations made by regional government. “

Sergio Cabral, regional governor reported that “There were already collected 212 bodies that have been recovered after several avalanches that occurred this week and confirmed today that “rescue teams are looking for about 150 missing in the favela of Morro do Bumba, in Niteroi, a city near Rio de Janeiro. “

He added that “There are 100 to 150 missing, as I was told by the fire department. It is a shocking situation.”

According to firefighters “Only in Niteroi were registered 132 deaths, plus 60 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Gonzalo 16 and 4 more in Petropolis, Nil├│polis, Paracambi and Mage.”

They added that “From the mound of dirt and debris that covered at least 50 homes in Morro do Bumba 27 bodies were removed.”

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, said “decisive measures will be taken to end with these landslides that leave fatalities each rainy season.”s

Paes today confirmed that “the Mayor produced a map detailing the priority risk areas, with a possibility of getting more intense landslides.”

Paes warned that “if the neighbors oppose to evictions, he will order the police to use force, which represents a radical change in policy regarding the treatment of poor neighborhoods.”

The regional governor said “the fault is from the whole society, as in Rio human rights and public order were seen as contradictory.”

And that “This was a big alert. A demonstration of the need to take actions to prevent illegal occupations.

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