Alberto Fernandez presented his book “Thought and written” in El Ateneo


On Thursday April 8 at 18:30, former Chief of Cabinet, Alberto Fernandez, announced his book “Thought and written”, presented by Daniel Capalbo, Graciela OcaƱa and Jorge Rivas.

Marco Aurelio Garcia wrote the following prologue:

“Alberto Fernandez played an important cycle in the politics of his country. He served to Argentina with intelligence, dedication and loyalty. Now he has another task. He reflect on the reality of his country from a different perspective – out of government – from their own experience and their expectations and hopes. Not with resentment. It does this through the own generosity of the people of great worth.

Surely his thoughts wake reactions in a country where politics is soaked of passion. But in politics, passion and reason do not express contraindications. They are only moments that alternate, hardly coexist together, but that surely can not be mutually exclusive. Rationality analysis of Alberto allows him to go to the bottom of the Argentine passions, not to ignore them but to understand them better. Not to stigmatize, but to seek alternatives. “

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