Rosario Central defeated Boca in the ‘Bombonera’ for 2-1


At the ‘Bombonera’, Rosario Central, after 20 years, defeated Boca for 2 to 1.

It was a game without emotion, and that at times became tedious, messy, unemotional and, above all, there was no creativity.

The referee, Rafael Furchi, expelled Riquelme at 42 minutes of the second half because he protested against him about the foul that ended in Rosario Central’s goal

Goals: First Time-43 ‘Adrian De Leon (R.C.)
Second Time-15 ‘ Osvaldo Gaitan (BJ), 40′ Milton Caraglio (RC)

Changes: 1′ST Cristian Chavez for Luiz Alberto, 11′ST Cristian Erbes for Gary Medel, 35′ST Leandro Gurrieri for Adrian De León, 45′ST Nahuel Valentini for Milton Caraglio

Booked: 6′ST Jesús Méndez (B.J.) , 12′ST Mario Paglialunga (R.C.) , 30′ST Luciano Monzón (B.J.) , 37′ST Diego Braghieri (R.C.) , 42′ST Juan Riquelme (B.J.) , 44′ST Breyner Bonilla (B.J.) , 45′ST Ezequiel Muñoz (B.J.)

Expelled: 42′ST Juan Román Riquelme (B.J.)

Stadium: Boca Juniors
Referee: Rafael Furchi

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