Magazine claimed to have found Luis Miguel’s mother


TV Notas USA confirmed that they had found clues about Marcela Basteri’s homeplace, who was until recently living in Gran Canaria.

The magazine said today, “Marcela Basteri, mother of the Mexican singer Luis Miguel, lived until a few months on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain.”

In the note they state that managed to find the first real clue to the whereabouts of the woman who is supposedly the mother of Luis Miguel and had lived on an island near Africa, located about 400 thousand miles from Spain.

Villarroel Grace, an Argentinian cousin of Basteri, who lived with her 14 years before she met Luisito Rey, Luis Miguel’s father, was the one who provided the information to the magazine, after being contacted by Italian cousins.

Villarroel told to the magazine that ” she visited Marcela Basteri in a hotel in Madrid, Spain, in 2008 and showed her a letter that she had sent to Luis Miguel.”

TV Notas USA traveled with Villarroel to Gran Canaria, but Basteri was no longer living there. Neighbors who knew her said that “Mrs. Marcela has mental problems.”






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