Best candidates at the MTV Movie Awards 2010: The cast of ‘Twilight’

MTV confirmed on its website that the MTV Movie Awards 2010 will be announced on June 6 in Los Angeles and everything that may occur in that ceremony “is in your hands.”

The music channel, for the second consecutive year, calls for the audience to choose between the candidates, who reach the final list of nominees.

The public can vote for their favorites in different categories,  best film, actor or actress, even  Best Kiss and Best Fight.

The cast of  the  ‘Twilight’ saga appear 11 times as candidates in several categories.

They had already made it in the last edition of the MTV Movie Awards, winning five Golden Ppopcorns.

Among those selected are the kiss of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the first movie of the saga and the kiss in’ New Moon ‘is also among the nominees.

Pattinson is also candidate in the Best Actor category and his kiss with Emilie de Ravin in ‘Remember Me’ and Stewart on the stars with Dakota Fanning in ‘The Runaways’.

Taylor Lautner, is among the shortlisted as best actor and best kiss with her ex Taylor Swift in ‘Valentine’s Day’.

Furthermore, Stewart, Pattinson, Lautner and Penelope Cruz, among others, are entering a new category, that of ‘global superstar’.

The lists includes  ‘Avatar’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Damn bastards’, ‘In a hostile land’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

On May 11 the final list will open for them to choose the winners.

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