Wearing a helmet isn’t optional


Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable in the event of an accident, according to warnings from experts. One thousand motorcyclists die a year from not wearing a helmet. Most of these fatalities are youngsters who either don’t know, ingore or mostly don’t care or don’t understand unknown, ignored or mostly do not care or do not understand that this accessory is required by law for our sasfety.

The helmet, however uncomfortable and ugly it may feel, is a safety device that prevents fatal accidents by 73%, according to what the Association ‘Luchemos por la Vida’ informed.

While the trend to wear a helmet increased by 40% over the end of 2008, of course, by strengthening police controls, its use in the country today is uneven when comparing figures between Buenos Aires and the other provinces.

Furthermore, the report of the Asociación Luchemos por la Vida (Association Let’s Fight for Life), noted that motorcyclists who “use the helmet have up to 85% fewer serious injuries than those who do not use it.” The ad campaign called “You, that have a brain, use it!” will be broadcast by radio and television.

In the city of Buenos Aires, helmet use “amounts to 74%, a figure that” falls below 10% in most cities and towns in the interior of the country. “

“Most of these vehicles are used by people under 25 years old”, who are “the main victims of traffic accidents,” the organization added.

“Studies show that at equal impact velocities there are approximately 7 times more injuries on motorcycles than in cars”.

Sources from the civil association estimated that from a total of 7885 traffic accidents during 2009, 2000 were took place on motorcycles or mopeds.

From Luchemos por la Vida it was stated that 90% of deaths in accidents featuring motorcycles and scooters are produced by the transgressions of basic traffic rules: the absence of helmet, the intake of alcohol or drugs before driving and speeding, among other reasons.

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