Messi’s father says, “Leo is happy” and therefore “he plays well”


Lionel Messi’s father was interviewed by Spanish daily Sport, where he referred to the wonderful moment of his son at Barca, and he is not worried about his situation with the Argentina national football team.

“The Argentina issue does not worry. We have a team in which we have to correct some things, but that is complicated in a country where we want everything right now. To arrange remaining issues in the team is hard and if there is no time to work, everything is more difficult” Jorge Messi said.

And he added: “We live in a state of great happiness. Everything that is around Leo is amazing and helps him to forget the moments not so good in his day and that also occurred when we arrived at Barcelona 10 years ago. Nothing was easy. Leo was very young and was a huge sacrifice to get away from his family, everything he had in Argentina. We came to realize a dream and I think Leo is getting it. “

By this time, media around the world compare with Lionel Messi, Diego Armando Maradona.George commented: “The comparisons with Diego, who speak of Jesus Christ and these things is somewhat normal. That means that Leo makes people happy. It’s nice. Leo experienced as a normal thing. He did not think right now, he only strives to play like he knows. We are all aware there are actions that cannot make any player. From childhood he was like that”.

“Everything was too quickly in Leo’s life. He was just a kid; he raised many categories in one season and made his debut in First Division with just 16. It’s not that everything goes very fast, is that Leo does different things and he just causes everything. I am convinced that Leo plays beautifully because he feels well, is happy. When you’re comfortable and you feel comfortable, everything is easy and comes out better, “he said.

Facing the World Cup, the father of the world’s best player, said: “Leo will always go for more because he is a player in evolution, who progresses and exceeds their achievements. The meeting with Maradona was an appointment for a chat and they made an exchange of views. I did not ask him for details, that’s a Leo subject, but certainly they talked about how Leo felt regarding some things and about the World Cup. “

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