Johnny Depp: ‘Kissing Angelina Jolie is nothing exciting’


Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp were victims of a series of rumors about an alleged affair.

Now the issue is another, in this case published by OK!, ‘Sources close to Johnny Depp said that “Kissing Angelina Jolie in front of the camera is the least exciting thing he has done throughout the year “.

Deep is filming a movie with Angelina Jolie, ‘The Tourist’, and apparently the actor does not find Jolie very seductive, and would have said he’d rather be riding with someone of the kind of Helen Mirren.

According to rumors, Johnny “He likes to do movies that are a lot weirder. Johnny’s dream co-star is someone more along the lines of Helen Mirren.”

And it is reported that “Brad doesn’t mean to act jealous but he’s not comfortable letting his woman get really close to one of the sexiest men alive.”

One Response to Johnny Depp: ‘Kissing Angelina Jolie is nothing exciting’

  1. Any story about her is a good story. Angie is a great actress. A celebrity I both admire and love. Can’t wait for her next movie. The popart painting I purchased of her is supercool and will be kept forever!

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