Velez won with and alternative team against Lanus for 1-0


Velez’s alternative team, only with Nicolas Cabrera from the first team, achieved a victory, 1 to 0 against Lanús which showed desperation and lack of football, which is showing that their performances are falling.

The team from Liniers demonstrated at all times that they were superior, and could be seen as the owners of the ball at all time, especially when the outcome was in their favor.

Goals: First time-7 ‘Rolando Zarate (Vel.)

Changes: 1′ST Eduardo Ledesma by Matias Fritzler, 1′ST by Maximiliano Grana by Hernán Lugo, 25′ST Ivan Bella by Leandro Velazquez, 28′ST Gonzalo Castillejos by Carlos Arce, 31′ST Ricardo Alvarez by Nicolas Cabrera, 42′ST Hector Canteros by Juan Martinez

Booked: 9′PT Fernando Tobio (Vel.), 35′ST Rodrigo Erramuspe (Lan.) 41′ST Santiago Hoyos (Lan.) 45′ST Ivan Bella (Vel.) 47′ST Diego Lagos (Lan. )

Stadium: Velez Sarsfield
Referee: Gabriel Favale

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