Cristina Kirchner congratulated the Oscar winners


After praising the Oscar winners for Best Foreign Film, The secret in their eyes, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner telephoned starring actor Ricardo Darin to congratulate him on the merit achieved.

The President congratulated the director and actors of the winning film, whose content says she was struck by.

“We’re happy because we won with ‘The secret in their eyes’, a fantastic film I saw twice and moved me,”the president said during a ceremony at the Ministry of Education.

“We, Argentines, are proud with this production that’s sure to dazzle the world,” she said in remarks to reporters.

“Some people told me they did not know if it would be understood (at the Academy of Hollywood) because it was so Argentinean. I said, on the contrary, while more Argentine it is the more they will understand it. Every time we were shown the way we are, we have done better,” she said.

After the official ceremony at the Ministry of Education, the President telephoned Ricardo Darin. The actor told the media he felt “surprised” by the president’s call: “She had very warm and clear words. I very much appreciate that,” said the actor.

“I was very excited to receive praises from places that are enduring hard times. Despite the pain many Chilean friends embraced me in a moment of happiness,” added the actor.

Darín said he had received “many affectionate calls” and stressed: “The phone doesn’t stop ringing.”

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