Cuban dissident on hunger strike hospitalized


Guillermo Farinas, dissident journalist of Fidel Castro government was hospitalized this morning after losing consciousness in the midst of the hunger striket hat he is being carried out.

Farinas does this strike in protest against Castro for the release of imprisoned opposition politicians.

The journalist was taken to the provincial hospital of Santa Clara (280 km east of Havana) “Arnaldo Milian Castro” when he lost consciousness, according to the Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez.

Francisco Chaviano, who directs the movement “Agenda for Transition” said: “On Monday two doctors and a nurse from government assisted him and found him very dehydrated, with signs of significant deterioration.

“If I die, the world must realizes that the government leaves its opponents die and what happened to Orlando is not an isolated case,” Farinas said in an interview he had with newspaper El Pais from Spain at his home in Santa Clara.

Four other political prisoners also carry out a similar protest. However, two of them: Diosdado Gonzalez, 47, and Eduardo Diaz (58), deposed on Monday their protest, said the activist Elizardo Sanchez of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation.

But Sanchez said that Fidel Suarez (49) and Nelson Molinet (45), imprisoned since 2003 in the western region of the island and considered “prisoners of conscience” by Amnesty International, continue to protest, like Farinas.

Farinas was imprisoned for eleven years and has carried out 23 hunger strikes since 1995, one of six months in 2006, to demand unrestricted Internet access on the island.

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