Lula: “What is the reason geographically, politically and economically for which England is in the Falklands?”


One of the main leaders of the region, Brazilian President Inacio Lula Da Silva, has criticized Britain and the UN because they respect international rulings only when is functional to their own interests.

He was speaking at the “Unity Summit” held in Cancun, Mexico, where Latin America and Caribbean countries met.

Lula demanded from the United Nations an explanation for not allowing Argentina to take possession on the Falklands”, and that, conversely, “it does it a country that is 14,000 kilometers from the islands”.

Brazil’s president asked “what is the reason geographically, politically and economically for which England is in the Falklands?”.

According to Lula’s view, England’s participation as a permanent member of the UN Security Council “allows it to do anything and the others nothing”.

He further said that conflicts in the Middle East are handled according to U.S. interests, “when in fact the UN should assume responsibility for negotiating peace.”

On the other hand, presidents today signed two documents expressing their unanimous support for Argentina’s claim against Britain regarding the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands and oil exploration activities.

5 Responses to Lula: “What is the reason geographically, politically and economically for which England is in the Falklands?”

  1. Lula should know that Argentina can’t just “take possession” of the Falklands, because it would infringe the Falkland Islanders’ right to self determination. I’m surprised he doesn’t know this already.

    I didn’t realise England had a seat on the Security Council. Lula can’t be too hot on his knowledge of the UN if he thinks that, which might explain the above…

    • The word “England” is to “United Kingdom” in Brazilian portuguese what “America” is to “United States” in English: historical reasons dictate the distortion in usage leading to incorrections both in Portuguese AND in English. So Mr. Roberts before ridiculing someone’s expressions look into your own. You might be surprised.

  2. Lula and Brasil had a great atitude towards this situation the drilling on the islands it’s ilegal, it’s clear the UN doesn’t do anything we know why… Great Brasil, I would love to see more stronger positions from Brasil. I love his comments with regards with the UN and UK only respecting the rules when it’s only functional for there own interests.

  3. Very sensible remarks from the Brazillian president. Also Brazil’s a big hitter now on the world stage. Where people sit and take notice. We need more people like Brazil’s president saying like this on a public stage, we would certainly be living in a more peaceful and fair world. That means saying NO to the Imperialist warmongering mentality of certain western nations like US and UK.

  4. I say “thank you” Lula, if Brazil doesn’t support us it would have been more difficult for us to get the help we need from another latin american countries… Brazil is now a very powerfull country and it is very hepfil -and nice- to have it support! thanks from Buenos Aires, sorry for my english

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