Newell’s Drews 1-1 with Lanús


Lanus arrived in Rosario with a defeat in six matches to his credit. They began losing, and with a man down for the expulsion of Pelletieri, but when the locals were celebrating the three points, Lanus tied the match in the final minutes.

Newell’s is five points behind the leaders, and has a game less played since the one on Monday was suspended for the time when they were facing Argentinos Juniors.

Goals: Second time-8 ‘Jorge Achucarro (New), 38′ Santiago Salcedo (Lan.)

Changes: 40′PT Eduardo Ledesma by Marcos Aguirre, 1′ST Sanchez Prette by Franco Dolci, 24′ST Sebastian Blanco for Carlos Arce, 29′ST Santiago Salcedo by Cristian Menendez 29′ST Cristian Nunez for Antonio Boghossian, 35′ST Marcelo Estigarribia by Mauro Formica

Booked: Leonel Vangioni 20′PT (New.) 21′PT Santiago Hoyos (Lan.), Sebastian 41st Peratta (New.) 1′st Hugo Barrientos (New.) 15′ST Diego Lagos (Lan. ), Mauricio Caranta 19′ST (Lan.), Rodrigo 21′ST Erramuspe (Lan.)

Expelled: 23′ST Agustin Pelletieri (Lan.)

Stadium: N.O. Boys
Referee: Patricio Loustau

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