Send an SMS to the aliens


Science and technology established by scientific methods, leads us to the next National Week of Science and Engineering, to be held between the 12 and 21 of March in the UK and where the publication of the book “The eerie silence, are we alone in the universe?” of the recognized specialist Paul Davies will be held.

Davies, an astrophysicist, among other things, promoted a new paradigm in the scientific process of searching for aliens or foreign, by highlighting the possibility that ‘these could be found like micro-organisms inside The Earth.”

These new study by Paul Davies, and the importance of innovation as the common language in all events related to science and technology, was the thing that promoted an unusual initiative in the midst of these celebrations, which is ‘a consistent contest to send 5 thousand mobile short messages to outer space ‘.

The contest ends on 28 February, and is translated as “Break the disturbing silence: send a message to the space,” and requires sms with less than 40 words and written in English, and could represent a first look into outer space.

But it seems that if there is any kind of response it would be more than an “Encounter of the Third Kind ‘, it would be a first step for a first encounter between two worlds.

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