Godoy Cruz and Huracan drew in Parque Patricios

huracan-godoy cruz-pic

In Parque Patricios Godoy Cruz and Huracan drew in a goalless match, both teams responded and went ahead but none managed to put the ball in the opposite arch.
The team from Mendoza, despite the tie is in the top of the tournament.

Changes: 16′ST Carlos Sanchez by Leandro Torres, 21′ST Luciano Nieto for Gaston Machin, 22′ST Martin Rodrigo for Salinas Aguirre, 37′ST Kevin Cura by Gonzalo Garcia, 42′ST Sergio Sanchez Daniel Vega

Booked: 42nd Lautaro Formica (GC), 14′ST Martín Aguirre (GC), 33′ST Ariel Rojas (CG), 36′ST Ezekiel Filippetto (Hur.), Gustavo 39′ST Balvorín (Hur.)

Stadium: Hurracan
Referee: Patricio Loustau

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