Gay marriage approved by the Portuguese Parliament


The marriage between same sex people was approved by Portugal Parliament in a historic session. Now President Aníbal Cavaco Silva, shall ratify or revoke the regulation.

The initiative was passed with support from the Socialist Party (PS), the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), the Left Bloc (BE) and the Greens, despite voting against conservative formations.

But surprisingly six legislators of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) abstained and two independent deputies of the PS, were opposed.

Thus, the Civil Code no longer displayed in the marriage definition the term “opposite sex” and shall be understand as a contract between two people who intend to form a family through the full communion of life, if the President approves the law.

One Response to Gay marriage approved by the Portuguese Parliament

  1. long ago this kind of people (homosexual) was stone to death.
    not so long people were just against like nowadays.
    almost nowaday people vote in the congress.
    it is better i get out of here before it become compulsory.

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