Ricardo Fort met Pamela Anderson in Miami


Eccentric millionaire Ricardo Fort met the legendary actress of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson, in a night club in Miami.

Weeks ago the millionaire would have tried to convince Anderson to visit his beach at Mar del Plata, but the blonde never appeared at the Fort Beach. So he had to settle with seeing her again in his country.

The controversial of his journey, was left the work he is doing in Mar del Plata without blinking an eye. Thus, “Fortuna” was left without its main character, since last Tuesday Fort drew his bags and moved to Miami with the cast, among whom are counted his girlfriend Virginia Garcia, actress Anabel Cherubito Anabel and Adr├ín Caballero, who replaced Gino Reni after the comedian resigned.

Fort came to Miami and starts to do what he likes most: visit the various clubs of the place. One night he met Anderson and immediately ordered a bottle of expensive champagne to toast with the actress. They talked a long time until she went away, but he stayed until four in the morning.

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