Racing cars were not missed at Potrero de los Funes


The semi-permanent circuit created in the prolific San Luis province usually receives the TC, the TC 2000 and the Top Race, but those who flew the asphalt this time were cyclists participating in the Tour of San Luis.

The track is set on regular streets, which means that the roads are commonly used throughout the year by motorists that travel the area, so it was weird to see tourists and locals drive by until minutes before the race start.

The 6.1 km of the circuit traveled by the riders in compact groups at high speed surprised onlookers and fans that could not believe their eyes. Cyclists made 6 laps before heading for the road, into the mountains to El Mirador.

The spectacular scenery of Potrero de los Funes once again witnessed a great show for the people to enjoy this fantastic place even more.

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