The search for the missing swimmers in Parana River continues


The search for the five missing swimmers in Rio Parana was intensified. They were taking part in a sports competition.

So far it is known that three drowned as they were sucked into a barge a few meters after the start of the competition, which was attended by 65 swimmers on Saturday.The Argentine coastguard based in Posadas, and Paraguay colleagues are intently seeking Sebastian Rosecki, Mauro Bacigalupi, Manuel Leiva, Leon Sero and Nicolas Delvecchi.

The tragedy happened when a group of 20 swimmers crowled away from the larger group, which was guarded by jet skis. At that moment, the river current sucked the swimmers. Some might have come up to the surface, others died, while others remain missing.Sources from the coastguard said that “chances that they will be found alive are slim”.

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